Introducing... Make it a Blast!

I recently planned a party for my daughter's 6th birthday. In past years, I've hired clowns, face painters and characters to entertain the children. They were ok, but we wanted to do something a little more interactive for the whole group. My husband is a DJ, so he set up his sound system and played some music for the kids. My husband led the kids in the popular dances that some of the kids alrerady knew. Like the Cha Cha Slide and the Hoe Down Throw Down. It was so much fun, all of the parents were asking my husband to perform at their children's birthday parties. Unfortunately, the cost to hire my husband, or any other DJ for a kids party would be too much because of the 4 hour minimum most DJs have. For a kids party, you really only need an hour of interactivity to really make it fun for the kids. So that gave me an idea. I asked my husband if he could train a staff of energetic, fun entertainers to conduct dances and games for an hour long show for kids parties. Of course, he said yes. My husband set up DJ style, portable sound systems, I hired some talent, and now we're in business!